Bio-Flex® Lightly Powdered (For Non-Medical Use Only)
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Bio-Flex® Lightly Powdered (For Non-Medical Use Only)


Superior lightly powdered latex exam glove with a Smooth finish. It is softer for extra comfort and flexibility and thicker for greater protection and durability.
For Non-Medical Use Only.

Packaging: 10 boxes per case, 100 gloves per box. Minimum order of 1 case.
$ 14.95/box

Minimum order: 10 boxes (1 case)
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Provides excellent barrier protection with low AQL
Virtually odorless and tasteless
Beaded cuff for added strength
Designed to provide excellent fit and comfort
Powdered with USP Cornstarch for ease of donning
Durable and tear resistant
Low Modulus Latex Formulation makes the gloves soft and reduces hand fatigue
Non-sterile, for single use only
Thickness: 6.2 MIL


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 16 x 11 in
AQL (Pinhole Test)


Glove Lengh

240 mm

Palm Width

XS – 76 mm + 4 mm, M – 94 mm + 4 mm, L – 105 mm + 4 mm, S – 84 mm + 4 mm

Fingertip Thickness

0.18 mm + 0.04 mm

Palm Thickness

0.17 mm + 0.04 mm

Cuff Thickness

0.11 mm + 0.04 mm

Protein Level

Less than 200 mcg/g