About us

Our main focus is to protect you, the consumer.

Bio- Flex® has been a trusted brand name in the medical and dental industry since 1988, setting the gold standard for quality. In 2013 and 2014, our Bio-Flex ®Blue Nitrile gloves (Product Code: TNT) were tested and evaluated by Gordon J. Christensen’s Clinicians Report® as the best nitrile product for quality and price.

In 1992 and 2004, our lightly powdered latex gloves earned a # 1 rating from Clinical Research Associates (CRA).

BFI Products, Inc. has been an official glove vendor for the State of Ohio for over 10 years and our Bio-Flex® gloves are recognized nationwide for their consistent top quality by hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, medical and dental clinics, fire departments, blood centers, prisons, funeral homes and many other facilities.




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